Ingress Logistics Solution


About Ingress Logitics Service Pvt Ltd

With over 15 years experience in shipping & logistics, we have developed an impeccable database of reliable partner-carriers from all around the world.. We specialize in assisting our customers with their Logistics needs and provide a variety of services designed to suit a multitude of industries.

It is a motto that we live by each and every day with every customer we serve. We develop strong and lasting relationships with all of our customers as well as with our qualified partner-carriers. Building these relationships relies on our commitment to being visible and available to our customers at all times. We address each customer’s requirements individually and develop solutions specifically tailored to their expectations.

In today’s fast paced, very competitive market we are confident that all your logistics requirements can be met by simply allowing ILSL , INGRESS LOGISTICS SERVICE to do what we do best – move freight – in a timely and professionally , at a competitive rate. Give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

We believe that success is defined as the ability to look yourself in the mirror and know that you have treated others fairly, professionally and with the highest regard... that you have given more than what you received. In the Logistics realm, it means that we consistently deliver the highest quality services no matter what department of the company you may be dealing with. Our customers come from a broad cross-section of industries, yet all appreciate the expert care they receive from us.

Ingress Logistics Solution